Godalming area birds

Godalming area birds


Sunday, 20 May 2018

Thanks Guys

Common Buzzard, Broomy Down, 19/5/2018
This is a short post just to big up the local birds on my patch. Sure, it's frustrating and a bit of a grind when you don't find something unusual, or if a visit is quiet, but I'm lucky to have a decent cast of locals. Some visit in the winter months, others the summer, and a few are year-round residents.

So, to you the low-flying Red Kite, and you the loudly cronking Raven, thank you. You're normally hidden under the winter crop, but Brambling and Yellowhammer, I appreciate the frequency of your winter vacations on the Ridge. And yes you may be a little on the dull side, but Spotted Flycatcher, I really enjoy watching your forays to and from the wires of Selhurst Common.

Of course, those extra special species that can't even be mentioned here, thank you for choosing this quiet part of south-east England to reproduce. I appreciate you all, and indeed if it wasn't for a lot of you I'd probably have sacked off many a mind-numbingly dull session before. Do stick around, or return in a few months, or make the trip back again next spring.
Kentish Plover, Dungeness RSPB, 20/5/2018

Yes, post-Turtle Dove fiesta, it's been back to feeling like high summer. But that's OK. I mixed things up today with a planned Terek Sandpiper raid at Rye, but naturally the bird had moved on overnight (maybe I'll pick it up on noc-mig!). A deviation to Dungeness salvaged the day somewhat, with a smart male Kentish Plover, displaying Marsh Harriers, a brief Hoopoe and similarly fleeting Bee-eater and some other niceties providing a continental flavour.

Spring's probably done locally, bar odds and sods. Next stop, Iceland, and then over to you butterflies and breeders for the next month or two.